Photography is the backbone of my business. I photograph for my own blog, other bloggers, and for large and small companies. I get DM’s on my Instagram about photography almost every day and I love helping others improve! Below I have listed all of my photography gear, starting with what I used when I first began dipping my toes into photography and what I have upgraded to along the way!

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My Beginner Photography Gear

CameraCanon EOS Rebel T1i. I used this camera for the first 10 months of my photography journey and got several paying jobs while using it! It is a great camera for a low price. I actually borrowed mine from my mother-in-law. You can’t go wrong with any of the Canon Rebel’s, in my opinion.

LensCanon EF 50mm 1.8 STM. I upgraded my lens pretty soon after getting my camera because I heard so much about the “Nifty 50” and how good of a lens it is at a low price point. It is still my favorite and most used lens. I bought mine used from B&H Photo for $50.

TripodAmazon Basics 60-inch Tripod. This is such a great tripod for beginners. It is only $25 and really great quality. The only drawback is that it does not have an overhead arm.

Backgrounds– I made my own backdrops from plywood, spackle, and paint. Frosting and Fettuccini has a great guide on making your own. This is such a cost-effective way to get unique and quality backdrops!

My Upgraded Photography Gear

CameraCanon EOS 6D Mark II. I got this camera for my birthday about four months ago and I am over the moon about it. I did a ton of research when I decided I was ready for a new camera and the 6D Mark II has 100% lived up to my hopes and expectations!

LensCanon EF 100mm 2.8 Macro. This lens creates beautiful up-close shots. You can get such beautiful detail in your photos. I don’t use this lens as often as I thought I would, but it is still great to have when you need it. I bought mine used off of B&H Photo.

TripodManfrotto 055 Tripod with Manfrotto 494 Ball Head. This tripod is one of my favorite pieces of gear and I use it every time I shoot. The overhead bar makes overhead shots a breeze. The tripod is very sturdy and incredible quality.

BackgroundsCapture By Lucy. These are my absolute favorite backdrops. They are vinyl, so they are very thin and can be rolled up. They quality and way they look on camera is impeccable. These are the backdrops I have:

Bessie Bakes Backdrops. Her backdrops are very lightweight and great quality. The only drawback for me is that they are a solid piece, so you can’t roll them up to store them, but it’s not that big of a deal. These are the backdrops I have:

Artificial Lighting Gear

I have only recently been dipping my toes into the artificial lighting world but really loving it! I still shoot mostly natural light, but it is so nice to have the option of shoot artificial as well.

Speedlight1 Godox TT600

TriggerYongnuo Wireless Trigger

Mounting BracketGodox S2 Bowens Mount

Light StandNeewer 6-foot Light Stand

SoftboxNeewer 47-inch Softbox

BatteriesRechargeable Batteries are a must!

Courses I’ve Taken

Foodtography School– Truly one of the best choices I have made! I had never used a camera in manual mode before taking Foodtography School. It is so comprehensive and educational.

Advanced Foodtography School– This course is much more of an investment, but it is absolutely worth it. It is a deep dive into everything you could ever need to know about food photorgaphy as well as social media and the business side of things!

Artificial Academy– If you are looking to get into artificial lighting you NEED this course. Joanie is so knowledgable and a great teacher! She takes something so complicated and makes it easier to understand.

If you have questions about any of the gear, courses, or anything else photography related, please reach out to me through my Instagram!

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