For those of you that don’t know, I have twin girls. In this gift guide, you’ll find all of our favorite things to use for the girls and what we put on their Christmas list this year!

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Toys We Love

  • Lovevery Play Gym– We literally use this play gym everyday. It has several stations for the babies to use and comes with a book telling you exactly how to use it for each stage of your baby’s development.
  • Lovevery Toy Subscription Boxes– These boxes are a lifesaver. I don’t have to spend any time researching or picking out developmental toys for the girls because these boxes do all of the work for me. They show up every two months with new toys that will aid our babies in their development. We obviously use the baby playkits, but they also have playkits available for toddlers!
  • Mushie Stacking Cups– The girls aren’t old enough to use these yet, but they’re so cute and always a baby favorite.

Clothes We Love

  • Zara Personalized Sweatshirt– These sweatshirts are my new go-to gift! They are so cute, great quality, and reasonably priced. I already plan on having one for my girls in every size!
  • H&M Sweaters– I try to buy organic cotton as much as possible, so when I can find it for this great of price I’m super happy!
  • Old Navy Bodysuits– The girls spend most of their time in onsies. Old Navy has the cutest onsies that start at $5.
  • Nicole Miller Hat and Bootie Set. I am obsessed with this set. We have them in white and I can’t even handle the cuteness when the girls have them on!
  • Target Pajamas. PJs are such a great gift to give. Our babies love a cozy set of pjs and they look so darn cute in them. Target pajamas have a double zipper (so they can be unzipped from the top or the bottom) that makes them extremely convient for diaper changes.

Gifts On Our List

As of right now, we don’t use toys with batteries. We are going for a more montessori-esque approach to toys. We asked for practical things that the babies will be able to grow into and that we will be able to use as they grow!

  • Baby Activity Walker– This walker comes with all kinds of activities and will come in handy when they start learning how to walk.
  • Silicone Training Cups– We plan to teach the babies how to use open cups as well as sippy cups, so these silicone cups will be a great tool.
  • Fleece Booties– The girls always have cold feet but they kick off socks seconds after I put them on their feet. These booties have velcro to keep them on.
  • Mirror Peekaboo Puzzle– They love looking in mirrors, so this little peekaboo toy will be a fun one for them to play with.
  • Silicone Pre Spoons– These pre spoons are great for baby led weaning and teaching babies how to use utensils.
  • Object Permanence Box– This fun toy aids in teaching babies that things don’t just go away because they can’t see them.
  • Sensory Tumbling Set– These toys provide different senations (auditory, textural, and visual) to stimulate the baby’s senses.
  • The Organic Cotton Play Tunnel. When the babies start crawling and walking this will be a fun toy to crawl through or play hide and seek.
  • Climbing Triangle– This climbing triangle will be great when the babies start to pull up.

Gifts We Are Getting Them

This is the girls first Christmas, but they are still very young and won’t remember it. Both of our families are going pretty big for them, so we decided to stick with stocking stuffers this year.

Baby Gear Parents Love

  • Snuggle Me Organic– These loungers are amazing quality and we used them a ton when we brought the girls home.
  • Mushie Pacifier Clips– The cutest pacifier clips to make sure your babies pacifier is never lost.
  • Mushie Swaddle Blankets– We never actaully used these blankets to swaddle the girls, but we use them all the time around the house and to keep the girls warm on walks or in their car seats.
  • Copper Pearl Sleep Sacks– We recently made the switch to sleep sacks and are loving it. They are so soft, great quality, and keep the girls warm all night!
  • Diaper Subscriptions– We go through diapers at an alarming rate and diaper subscriptions are a life saver. Plus, these Hello Bello diapers are clean and come in the cutest prints.
  • Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier– These make baby wearing easy and comfortable.