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Under $25

Mid-Range Gifts

  • Seat Cushion– Sitting for long periods of time takes a toll on the body, this cushion can help lighten the load.
  • Lap Desk– This saves me when I am working from the couch.
  • Apple AirPods– My AirPods are my best friend!
  • Massage Gun– Being hunched over a computer brings about tense shoulders. This massage gun will get out those knots.
  • Portable Charger– No more phone dying on the go!
  • Lulu Lemon Joggers– These joggers are the best for comfy but cute working!

High-End Gifts

  • Standing Desk– Standing while working is much healthier and this desk makes it so much easier.
  • Macbook Pro– The best laptop for all of your blogging needs!